Personal Website. Why create a personal website?

Why create a personal website?

create a personal website

 Why create a personal website?

In this article, you will find out why you need a personal website. Building a personal website is not tough. Website (website, web spider web site, site – «place») Personal Websites are created to learn revenue as an information platform with specific content.

How to create a Personal website and WordPress?

 Personal website. This is real. If you do not manage your online image, it will control you. Last Christmas You remember shameful photos you share on Facebook? Your grandmother saw them the next day. What does it mean to tweet that you are angry at? I bet you would like to get it back. For most people, it feels like they decide to look for a job. The best way to do this is to create a personal website.

Benefits of personal website

A personal website gives you full authority over its content. In fact, it is interesting that less than 10% of job applicants have a website.

Having your personal website:

  1. It gives you complete freedom to show who you are. Even the colors and visuals you choose for your site are part of it.

2. It shows that you are serious about your career and you can spend time and effort to climb up.

3. Your work history serves as an up-to-date archive of your training, achievements, and hobbies.

4. Customer recommendations can be found in many pictures, project documents, and videos.

Are you looking for a job while managing a job at the same time? It makes sense to have a separate website for your job search.

Get a domain name for you on a personal website. It’s best for you to get a domain name that your employer passes through because hiring managers use Bing. That way, when someone calls you online, your personal page will be better off on the first page of search results.

Can not you get the name of your name because someone else has it? Pffft … no fuss. With hundreds of new domain extensions, you have many new options. As a veterinarian, we are your domain query. There are still hundreds and all of them are new and you still have many options.

And fun starts

The next step in finding your domain name is to set up your website.

We live in a mobile world. So make sure that your website’s latest version can also be viewed on smartphones and mobile devices like iPads. Websites that are difficult to view or use on mobile devices cause the light to leave the site quickly.

Suggestions and tips for personal websites

A few tips for a useful personal website:

Include on your site: a brief introduction, biography, business history, introduction of your recent projects,  a list of your publications.

Your attitude is neutral-give your professional ideas, but keep your views on political.

It makes a habit to set up a website

Do you remember when you built model houses in secondary school? You did it because once you started it was obsessed with you. All those little houses, trees! He was a small one and you are the only creator. Setting up a personal website is very similar.


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