WordPress blog in 2018. 18 tips for setting up

Wordpress blog in 2018

Let’s start the excitement of creating a blog in 2018

Creating a WordPress blog in 2018  can often be exciting, a bit confusing, and sometimes annoying. There’s so much to learn and grasp. Here are tips for those who say ” is my year!” And who are making headlines in WordPress blog in 2018.

18 tips to create a WordPress blog in 2018

Firstly creat blog in 2018 We’ll look at some of the great tips for blogging in WordPress. There is a lot to learn as we mentioned at the beginning. So sit back and relax.

  • Do plenty of research
  • Download the Yoast SEO add-on
  • Take time to blog
  • Use categories and tags correctly
  • Get involved in blogging communities
  • Consider the 80/10/10 rule when sharing content
  • Be polite to visitors
  • Do not hesitate to network
  • Measuring website traffic
  • Make Google aware of you
  • Produce original and interesting content
  • Encourage your guests to stay longer on your page
  • Prepare presentation materials
  • Consider writing sponsored articles
  • Get SSL certificate
  • Choose the right theme
  • Do not leave your regular job.
  • Create your blog in 2018 by saying that this year is my science


Are you ready? Let’s start! Go to create blog in 2018

18 tips for setting up a WordPress blog in 2018

Of course, WordPress blog in 2018 setup is not limited only to the technical side. First, set up a focus topic and plan for your blog. It is similar to business plans and draws the framework of what you want to accomplish with your blog. Through this plan, you can get a solid introduction to your page and blog.

Whether you set the focus, plan key phrases, brand yourself as a “blogger”, what your social media strategy is and much more. If you do not have a blog plan but you are a blogger, we recommend that you immediately create a plan.

In addition to the keyword research, tips for building WordPress blogs in 2018 include inspiration from other bloggers who focus on similar issues to you. You can think of it as a copy, but remember that making a copy means doing exactly the same thing as someone else does. What we mean is that you should also deal with issues that similar bloggers deal with because they are of interest to readers.

Do not forget that thousands of people search every day on platforms like Google and Bing. This is a sign that you need to focus on the issues that are of interest to reach the broader masses.

Download the Yoast SEO add-on

Yoast is one of the leading WordPress tools. Many people claim that the WordPress blogging system is more SEO-friendly from the start, but remember that SEO is much more than just writing articles.

Yoast SEO is a great tool for those who are new to the WordPress blog world because there is a content analysis tool to help you create an optimized blog post.

Yoast SEO, which offers many more features, is also one of the most popular WordPress plugins in 2017.

Take time to WordPress blog in 2018

Blogging is also an option when you want to, but if you get even more serious about it, you should take some time to blog. Especially if you intend to make money from your blog, you should see it as a business from the very beginning.


Expert advice: Do not just create a calendar in your head; either on a computer or on paper. For example, Google Calendar is a free tool and you can set reminders for yourself.

Use categories and tags correctly

Categories and tags are known as ‘classifications’ in WordPress and organize blog entries. Categories should not be used too often because they express something more general. Labels are described in more detail, but they should not be confused with keywords. Keywords are included in your WordPress blog posts and function for search engines; the labels are only for organizing your block.

One of the best suggestions for those who want to set up a WordPress blog in 2018 is to: communicate with those who write in similar fields with you by commenting on their posts. Most of your travels will come from bloggers. It is important to reach them and communicate with them. Believe you will be both your supporters and your supporters.

18 tips for setting up a WordPress blog in 2018

In doing so, you should pay attention to a few things. The 80/10/10 rule is as follows:

Share 80 percent of someone else’s content from their social accounts

Share content that you do not sell at 10 percent

Sell 10% and share your own advertising

Be polite to visitors

Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for by adding a “Search” section. Do not forget that if they can not find what they’re looking for, they will quickly leave your website.

Measuring website traffic

Most of the tips for setting up a WordPress blog focus only on the writing part. But it is also very important to measure the traffic of your blog. You can see who visits your website, which page or text you read most, and you can keep this information in mind as you create more content for your blog. Add Google Analytics to your website free of charge as well as trustworthy brands working with bloggers to measure traffic. However, do not forget to take a look at the tips to attract traffic to your site.

Make Google aware of you

Do not forget to add Google Search Console to your blog to be able to follow the WordPress blog health. Google Search Console has a lot of tools to help you see how Google sees your website. It also provides information on how your website is hacked, not hacked, and how you can improve your upload speed.

Produce original and interesting content

The readers of bloggers who express fun and self-evidently continue to follow them. Whether you’re writing a block, making a video, or publishing a podcast, it’s important that you reflect on your personality. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Blog articles need to be easy to read

If you are an operator, you can write articles about your products and services to translate your block readers into customers

If you write in any subject type, you should show that you are an expert on the field

You should be careful that your titles are striking

You should pay attention to SEO when writing a blog post

Encourage your guests to stay longer on your page.

18 tips for setting up a WordPress blog in 2018

 Choose the right theme

Choosing a WordPress theme is something like finding out which makeup is right for you. Choose a theme that has the features you like and that you think will contribute to it when you create your brand. Here are the key features that the theme should have:

Compatible with your plugins

Mobile compatible

Fast loading

Easy to edit

Do not leave your regular job

If you want to become a full-time blogger, do not leave your regular business immediately. You will not start earning money from your blog anymore. Setting up a monetizing WordPress blog takes a lot of time, research, communication with people, and lots of rejection from potential sponsors and/or advertisers.

Of course, we do not intend to intimidate those who want to build a WordPress blog in2018, but these are the facts; it takes a lot of time and effort to be successful. You might consider not resigning the day you start to earn from the income blog that you get from your regular work.


Are you ready to set up a blog in 2018? 


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