Design Websites Without a Web Designer?

Design websites

Design  websites

Design a website. In today’s information age, every successful business needs a website. The answer to the question of how to design a website does not need to cost thousands of liras. If you are a web designer with the right tools and basic tips, you can also build a good website.

How to design  websites: Basic information

You are not a web designer, but you are wondering how to design a website … Here are the three basic steps you need:

  1. Get a strong hosting service.
  2. Select a website setup tool.
  3. Add content.

Now, let’s examine these steps in detail …

How to design  websites  Step 1: Get a strong hosting service

In order to set up a website, you must first have a place to put it.  This is also hosting.  There are hundreds of hosting options. But you should be careful to choose a hosting provider that will cover the following key elements:

Reliability: What is the uptime guaranteed by your hosting provider?

Storage: How much space do you need for files on your website? Tip: Large e-commerce sites that will contain a lot of photos need more storage space for websites (eg photo websites).

Bandwidth: Are you waiting for traffic to your website? Make sure your hosting provider offers the appropriate bandwidth.

Scalability: Can your hosting provider scale your existing plan in case of increased traffic? If you can not, your website may crash.

Security: Pay particular attention to the security options in the hosting plan. Check for 24/7 monitoring and protection against DDoS attacks.

Support: What kind of technical support is offered?

A vendor with an unknown name or a very high discount can return you thousands of hours of downtime.

For this reason, be sure to choose a well-known and resident hosting provider.

How to design a website Step 2: Choose a website setup tool.

How to design a website Step

Website with responsive mobile design Architect plans includes SSL, hosting and domain name.


A content management system (CMS) such as WordPress might be a better solution for you if you want to act on how to design a website, have more time.

All you need to do is enter whatever you want to include on your website. CMS is taking care of the rest for you. The best part of WordPress is that there are thousands of users and plenty of training and support.

How to design a website Step 3: Add content.

It’s time to add content after deciding on what platform to embed your website. The type of content you enter will vary with the goals you set for your website. To get started, we recommend the following 5 basic pages:


On this page, you should include the basic information necessary for your visit to decide to do business with you. Prepare content that describes what you are, what you offer to your customers.

Slogan: Summarize your business with a short summary.

Action call: What is the most important thing you want your visitors to do before leaving your site?

Basic contact information: Include information on which channel your customers can communicate with you.

Products / Services: Include one or more products/services and be sure to direct them to the “Products / Services” page so that interested people can get more information.

Registration form: Make it easy for your visitors to leave their information.

References: Start by gaining trust in the new walks by including references and comments from your current customers.

Products / Services Page

In this page, you can include your products and services with interesting images. You can also include price information, payment options, and refunds.

“About Us” Page

This is a page dedicated to telling your story. You can introduce yourself and your team, give your biography, and share information about your business.

References Page

You can include them on this page by requesting a few sentences from your current customers about your business. The fact that people who have worked with you say good things about you will reassure potential customers.

Communication Page

Give your contact information on this page (for example, phone number, e-mail address, postal address). If you have a physical store, add a map.

How to design a website Successful applications

There are no strict rules when it comes to website design. But I also have to ignore the common features of good websites. Here are some tips for this …

Make a clean and simple design

“Little decision, most damage” is a phrase you need to keep in mind when you say how to design a website. Choose which one is your most important message. And include it on your homepage. You can include additional information on other related pages.

For the first time visitors to your website, do not look confused in the first 10 seconds. Choose colors and fonts carefully, avoid using too many options.

Make sure the options are clear and use submenus to aggregate similar pages together.

Clean and easy to use navigation

If you want visitors to visit your website, you should make sure that they can navigate easily.

Make sure your navigation menus are easily visible and easily available on your site.

Content is very important

This may be something everyone knows, but it’s just as important as how your website says what it says.

A good looking website is not enough to grow your business unless your content is engaging and relevant.

Make sure your content provides useful and accurate information about your business. Use clear, natural language. Be careful when choosing visuals.

Get your contacts clear and accessible

Enter the amount of information you enter, the main purpose is that your customers can communicate with you. For this reason, make sure your contact details are clear and accessible. Which business information is subject to change depending on the nature of the business.

Design for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is among the essentials of today’s websites. If you do SEO well, you’ll rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

You might think that SEO is not very important for small businesses, but keep in mind that it’s a good way to boost organic traffic.

Responsive design

Now people are not only limited to desktop computers, they are entering the internet from different devices. For this reason, when asking how to design a website, be sure to include responsive design in your answers.

Responsive design

Compatibility with different browsers

There are people who use different web browsers as well as those who use different devices. Check your website by opening it in different browsers.

Finally, You’ve learned to design websites Good luck!


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