E-Commerce Hosting. Why is it important?

E-Commerce Hosting

What is E-Commerce Hosting?

E-Commerce is Hosting a system that allows consumers to exchange goods and services electronically and is becoming very popular today.

E-Commerce is the method by which you can present your products or services to your customers on your site and receive orders. With IbexHost  E-Commerce Hosting packages you can instantly create an online store that is mobile-friendly, with an unlimited number of products that can be added. IbexHost E-Commerce Hosting packages use WordPress – WooCommerce, the most preferred e-commerce infrastructure in the world.

What is E-Commerce Hosting?

With WordPress WooCommerce, you can easily identify your products on your website. Seamlessly integrated with WordPress With WooCommerce, you can sell physical and digital products.  With the easy-to-manage infrastructure provided by WooCommerce, you can easily update your product images, descriptions and purchase preferences. You can track your orders and stock status and manage your customer accounts on a single screen.

IbexHost E-Commerce  Packages

You will buy from IbexHost E-commerce packages include “Comodo Positive SSL” for free. SSL installation is; It is made by IbexHost. Another important feature is; There will be free themes available on your e-commerce site working with WordPress – WooCommerce infrastructure. These themes are automatically installed when you activate your package and allow you to choose the theme you want.

Why is it important to choose the right E-Commerce Hosting package?

Choosing the right e-commerce package is not a decision to be taken on a weekly basis. If you want to give your customers a good shopping experience, you need to pay attention to any details. In order for your customers to have a seamless shopping experience and to increase the popularity of your online store. If your customer has a good shopping experience on your website, he will visit your website later.

At last, I have given you a good explanation in this article so you can find answers to what is e-commerce hosting.


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