SSL Certification. SSL Certification for SEO?

SSL Certification for SEO

SSL Certification is among the essentials of our websites nowadays for the transmission process between user and server. Especially in e-commerce sites and internet banking, it is an important point for the security of users.

 SSL Certification

The opening of SSL is known as ‘Secure Socket Layer’ and in Turkish, the counterpart is ‘Secure Socket Layer’. SSL certificates are a required cryptography solution and webmail systems. This encryption is done between the user.

Why use SSL Certification?

The address bar of Google Chrome internet browsers has green ‘Safe’ information for websites using SSL certification since January 2017. But on websites that do not use an SSL certificate; There is information about ‘not safe’.

What are the Effects of SSL Certificates on SEO Work?

As mentioned in the previous bulletin, the use of an SSL certificate can change your website’s considerations if your website is marked as ‘Safe’, which can be reflected in your bounce rates from your website. It would not be right to say that SEO contributes seriously to the impact of SSL certificates or does not contribute at all.

SSL certification can have a positive impact on your website ranking in Google (about 1%), although this is not serious. it is predicted that SSL certification will have a higher priority in future work on SEO. It is also highly recommended that you use an SSL certificate on your website to compete in Google rank, even if it is affected by 1%.

As we have just mentioned, SSL certifications can affect your website’s view of credibility by visiting your website. Especially in the e-commerce industry, Google Chrome users can opt for e-commerce sites with ‘Safe’ information on internet browsers. In addition, your website may be more preferred by users than ‘unsafe’ websites.

It will not be right to evaluate the SSL certificate for e-commerce sites only. Even if you are a personal blog owner, it is important that you do not face similar adverse situations just mentioned and experience a ‘Secure’ website experience with your users.

How to Purchase SSL Certification

To purchase an SSL certificate, you can obtain information from the hosting company where you host your website and purchase an SSL certificate from a different location provider.

If you would like to purchase reliable SSL certificate products such as Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, you can review our SSL Certificates page. If your web hosting service is available at İ, you will purchase it. We also want to make sure that the installation of the SSL certificate is done by our team.

SSL Certification

If you want your company’s name to appear in the green bar on the address bar, you will need to opt for the “EV SSL” certificates on the “Enterprise SSL” page at the İ Certificates related to your company are required in SSL certificates. For more information, you can review the page and contact our support team. You can also read our previous post on the blog “How to Get SSL Certificates” for more details on how to get SSL Certificate.



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