WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Technical Specifications


WordPress LiteSpeed Cache Technical Specifications and Comparison TableWordPress LiteSpeed Cache Technical Specifications

You can increase your page opening speed by installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin on your site, which is used for WordPress websites and provides a performance increase of close to 90%. You can set up the LiteSpeed Cache plug-in for free, to improve the performance of your website, to make your stay longer on your site, and to increase your organic traffic, and you can easily make optimizations that will improve your site’s performance.

Take a look at the key features of the LiteSpeed Cache LiteSpeed Cache plug-in and the comparison table with other cache add-ons;

1. Organization and Configuration Settings for creating WordPress

The first feature of LiteSpeed Cache LiteSpeed Cache is its ease of installation and configuration. You do not need any coding knowledge or technical knowledge for these operations. After installing WordPress “Plugins” section, you can go to LiteSpeed “Settings” section. LiteSpeed is already doing a lot of automation already. You can determine the duration or extent of this process, or you can do all the optimization operations manually.

2.  Page Caching in word press  LiteSpeed Cache Technical Specifications

Especially the page is an important feature to increase the opening speed and organic traffic. When your visitors come to your site, they take the page to the front page and the next page view drops to 90% of the wait time. Fast-opening websites are highly emphasized in the algorithms Google has developed for organic searches.

3. GZIP Compression

Once your site starts to open, all of your files will start loading. When the file size is high, the page opening time will increase and the CPU usage on the server side will increase. For example; Let’s say your site’s file size is 100kb, this size will drop to 15-20kb with GZIP compression. With WordPress LiteSpeed Cache’s GZIP compression feature,  reducing both CPU usage and speeding up page opening time on your site.

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